…The Walrus said, to talk of other things.

But I speak not of shoes or ships or sealing wax, and I’m fairly certain I’ll never touch on cabbages nor kings.

Grigori, nightelf hunter and founder of Piracy Incorporated (Although Keirann has assumed stewardship and is quite good at it) has come to a turning point in the road of leveling. He stands at this very moment, in the midst of level 69, and he has full intentions of crossing into the glorious light of level 70. It is at places like this that I like to look back on similar events in my WoW history. I remember looking upon level 10 with eagerness, as I would get to tame my own pet.

A similar feeling came upon me with level 20, when I would get to learn aspect of the cheetah (that 30% extra speed was AWESOME at the time) and begin to dual-wield one handed weapons.

At level 37 I day-dreamed about level 40 and what it would be like to have a mount that could do double what my now crappy aspect of the cheetah could.

At 60 I marveled at my reaching of what was originally the level limit, and by 65 I had a swift mount faster than anything I’d experienced yet.

Now here I sit…at the end of the road. I am finally ready to break the shackles of the dreaded experience bar. I found it quite amusing when I noticed upon reaching 69 that my rested bonus marker was jammed at the end. It was exhilerating to think that I had finally chased the little thing down, and that it now sat cowering at the absolute end of my experience bar, unable to move on.

Now, I move on to level 70, with Shagohad, my best pal since level 10, close at my heels. Together we shall forge greatness for oursleves and for our guild. We shall conquer the skies and aid the lowly. I will become truly…elite.