Here is the first in my line of characters. Drawn completely in Photoshop Elements over the course of 5 minutes. he was just a doodle, but later was turned into a character.

This is Krezzo, a demonic salesman of crude trinkets and shiny pieces of metal. Although worthless, Krezzo proclaims these items to have extraordinary powers and sells them at horrifically exorbitant prices.

Krezzo stands a mere 3 feet tall. His head makes him rather top-heavy and therefore clumsy. The one thing he can do well is run, which is needed in his line of “work.” He has no demonic powers, and is really only evil on the swindling level. He enjoys gambling and games of chance, togas, and doesn’t like it when people lean on him, bringing attention to his size. (That’s why he grew the horns.)</p>