Well, make that several universes.

Anyone who looks at this site knows that I love to draw, and that I’m somewhat decent at it. School would be a lot more easy to go through for me if every class had some sort of creative aspect. Whether these aspects include drawing or writing I don’t really care either way. I just want to have that sort of fun during my education.

Sadly, since school is not really helping for making things fun, I’m constantly wanting to find some sort of an outlet for my hobbies. This site immediately fills in the hobbies of World of Warcraft and other computer related subjects, so I’m hoping people won’t mind if I stretch the envelope a little bit further to include my cast of characters.

During study halls at school is my main time to create stuff, and over the past couple years since I actually got into drawing and writing, I’ve accrued a fairly large cast of cartoon characters, all of my own design. 15 is the current number of characters that have been drawn successfully. I have yet to draw a picture of 4 characters that have somewhat of fallen onto the back burner. I will explain their plight some other time. What I am trying to get at, is that I’d like to, with permission of the audience and the administration, begin posting bios of these characters along with pictures and their back stories. So far most of them have been couped up in the universe that is my brain for all of their existence, and are edgy to actually get out and see the world. What better way than the internet? Ha ha.

Again, I humbly ask permission to get some of these guys (and gals) “out of the house” for a while.

Whaddya say?