Thanks to Sean for the first gold-making article, but I thought I’d share what I’ve learned so far. If you’re pressed for time, this a good way to make a decent profit, and it has a little bit of variety too.

Isle of Quel’Danas

  1. The Air Strikes Must Continue – very simple… just go along for the ride. Make sure you put the bomb in a hot key, targeting the units is tricky, and you don’t want to do this out of your backpack or even a sidebar. If you dont’ get all the guys on the first run, no big deal, you can go again, the enemy totals don’t reset after each run

  2. Erratic Behavior/Further Conversions – Pick this quest over the other one in the area… the sentries are yellow until attacked, and are much easier to take down. Go around the north shore, staying on the beach… otherwise you will aggro the undead guys. Once you kill an erratic sentry, loot it before using the crystal on it… they drop motes of mana, and you can’t loot after you’ve transformed it with the crystal.

  3. Know Your Ley Lines - The key here is not aggroing mobs going in… this usually isn’t too hard as there are plenty of horde/alliance players doing this for you already! You must go to three separate locations in all.

After these three quests, use your scroll you received as a reward to port back to Shattrath.

Throne of Kil’jaeden (northern Hellfire)

  1. Blast the Gateway – A great help here is that you can charge your living flare by helping kill other elementals, even ones horde have aggroed! It takes about 8-10 elementals to charge it up, so this defintely helps. You also get a nice pack of shattered sun supplies, which has a green or better item inside.

  2. Blood for Blood – Kill the demons, until you have 4 units of blood, Then pull one of the elites and use a single siphon charge on it… it takes a moment, but they will turn in into emaciated fel bloods, and you can kill them with ease. Respawn here is very quick, so make sure you are fighting in a corner. When you turn in, you can choose between Aldor or Scryer marks (5), which is a nice bonus.

  3. Kazzak Must be Tickled – not a very well known quest, but very easy to do, especially since you’re already in the area. Just walk up to Kazzak, type /tickle, and he’ll fall over laughing. A few wacks with your weapon of choice, and you’re done… Seriously…