I am free. My academic bonds have been severed by the bolt cutters of sun and sand. Summer is upon me, and I can feel the emancipation in the air through the birds twittering and the distant barking of dogs. Now that I have such beautiful heaps of time on my hands, I would like to outline a list of goals for this summer. Things I want to get done, and that I would love to have your help in completing.

First of all, I will be reactivating my World of Warcraft account at the nearest convenience. Probably next week monday or something. I don’t know right this moment.

Next, in pertaining to WoW. By the end of this summer I want to have an epic flying mount. I shall call it project F-18.

Then, in another computer game, I will teach myself and then Kit the workings of Sins of a Solar Empire. I want to learn in what ways I must upgrade and develop my planet in order to spread my influence across the galaxy and how to build enormous fleets of capital ships, each with a designated title, so that I may overwhelm my foes with total military impunity.

On a non-computerized level, I hope to further develope on of my more recent characters, Ina May, a wee Scottish Lass of 12 who has a very Calvin-esque sense of adventure and has a habit of naming things arbitrarily. The strange part is that when she names things, they’re forced to come to life, thus opening up the doors to a whole swath of psychological and mental problems for anything immobile or of differing consistencies. I wish to cultivate a sort of comic-team relationship between her and NGC-3982 via the Big-Brothers Big-Sisters program.

On a final note, I really really really reeeeeeaaalllllyyyy want to read the last derned Harry Potter book. Wish me luck, and any aid you choose to give me is greatly appreciated!

I proclaim this the SUMMER OF GEORGE!!!

I\'m going to read a book from beginning to end...in that order!