Brian was being a smartass when he sent me this:

LAN party, Kit's house, this Friday some day at 6:00!!

Bring your laptops, desktops, beer, and snacks. If your computer is not working, Kit will gladly work on it while you play on his.

We'll be playing WoW (provided everyone's gamecard is activated) or Garry's Mod (if everyone has a copy), Supreme Commander (as long as the $#$# doesn't glitch) or Sins (if the latest patch doesn't break the no CD key)

Don't worry about patching beforehand, we usually reserve the first two hours for that.

Come when you can, and stay until your drinking party starts at 9:30 or your mother asks for you home by 8:30.

Medical services provided on-site for severe cuts and lacerations.

Sad part is how much of it is true... Nevertheless there will actually be a LAN this Saturday afternoon (providied everything stays on task) into the night. Use the above statements to remember what to not let happen.