For some reason I love trying soloing old world content. Maybe it’s from all the years of playing single player games, but there’s just something about being by yourself, and nobody to help you if you mess up. So I decided to venture into Blackrock depths all by my lonesome. From an exploration/scenery standpoint this is one of my favorite dungeons, even if not very practical from a time commitment standpoint. As a tank, I found I could handle mobs and most bosses without issue, although bosses with adds are pretty difficult or impossible. A hunter/warlock would probably have an easier time, but it’s still quite doable. The biggest selling point here is that most mobs can be avoided without stealthing, which is important because who really wants to clear trash anyway? I didn’t manage to get through the whole instance, but here are some screens from my foray. I can’t wait to get to lvl 80 in the expansion to be able to all of lvl 60 dungeons.