Ewww…that was one gross silence we’ve had here recently, but now Kit and I are back from vacation, and I have some new goodies to show yah. While in the deep south I bought the Spore Creature Creator, the demo of sorts for the coming game, Spore. After some fiddling, Kit helped me to get the game working, as it had some troubles with updates at first, refusing to even start. Thanks Kit!

Anyway, I’ve gone on safari and discovered some cool new species of animal!

First: the Thunderbeak

This omnivorous plains creature often travels in groups. These groups can consist of anywhere from 3 to 200 individuals. They commonly graze on grasses, berries, and nuts. When drought decreases foliage, Thunderbeaks have been seen preying on small ground mammals.

Avg. weight: 1200 lbs

Height: 6 feet at shoulder.

Lifespan: 20-26 years.

Next: The Gatormantid

These low-set predators hide in the tall brush patrolled by thunderbeaks. If a thunderbeak becomes separated from its group, a gatormantid will lash out with its long, serrated claws, cutting the neck of the prey. If the thunderbeak manages to not get cut, the gatormantid will more than likely flee; their bodies are frail. Often gatormantids might seek out lizard-eyed ground parrots in favor of thunderbeaks.

Avg. weight: 350 lbs

Height: 3 feet at shoulder

Lifespan: 17-20 years.

The mighty one: Arkrodons.

The Arkrodon is one of the more outwardly impressive beasts in the grasslands. Herds of arkrodons usually consist of massive, sometimes multiple, family communities, easily reaching over 1000 individuals. The enormous population is due to the fact that arkrodons have no natural predators. They’re so large and heavily armored that gatormantids never dare to move too close to their hooves. Because of this, lizard-eyed ground parrots have found good protection by grooming arkrodons free of their parasites.

Avg. weight: 4500 lbs

Height: 10 to 11 feet.

Lifespan: 60-65 years.

Finally: Lizard-eyed Ground Parrots

Small, but crafty, these flightless birds have joined up with arkrodons for food in the form of parasitic meals, and protection from gatormantids. They are not very fast and otherwise easy targets for thunderbeaks as well as the nemisis from which they seek shelter. They have a call that sounds strangely like Gilbert Gottfried.

Avg. weight: 12 lbs

Height:12 to 16 inches.

Lifespan:10-12 years.

These critters are merely the start of my Spore career. Next I might try developing intelligent beings. Otherwise, so far, what was YOUR favorite? I myself am most pleased with how Arkrodon came out. I’ve had a creature design vaguely similar to that in my head for a few years now. I’m glad I finally got to display it. :)