We’ve just learned that Wrath is going to unveil a new game mechanic, “achievements”. According to a wow site:

The categories of achievements include PvP, PvE, world exploration, professions, and character development. Some are simple (give 10 hugs), some are very difficult (completing high-level raids). Additionally, there are “Feats of Strength,” very difficult or now-impossible achievements that don’t show up if unearned. The Feats are worth no points.

However, Blizzard plans to allow even more achievements:

  • Miss an important family event to run Heroic Botanica
  • Camp on the library wi-fi and be found guilty of a misdemeanor while leveling an alt
  • No-show to your job 5 days in a row because of late raids
  • Drop out of college to make more time for your guild
  • Win a 3v3 match while on the toilet
  • Pay a Chinese Kid 39 bucks to level your alt to 70
  • keylog someone’s account and steal their gold, the ultimate PvP!
  • Suffer a nervous breakdown after hitting the “delete Character” button on your main
  • Overdraw your checking account by setting up an auto-pay on wow subscription
  • Grant a sexual favor in trade for epic mount or gear