Old parts out…

New parts in all their glory. Antec Three Hundred case next to the eVGA 8800GS

eVGA 8800GS, a cost-effective performer.

Antec Three Hundred front

Old case on the left, new case on the right. The Three Hundred made for a small size increase.

Three Hundred actually has a nice build inside, this picture does it no justice.

Donated parts mixed in with new parts—all freshly installed, ready for first power-on test.

Here’s a closer look, note that the Three Hundred adopts the bottom mounted power supply approach.

A very close look to examine the video card’s clearance.

Power-on checks out, and the Windows XP OS switched from Sean’s old nForce3 to the newer nForce4 with nary a complaint!

Grats Sean! Well done!