Almost there...

Almost there...

It’s been a slow, and rather lame-ass march, but it at last seems like I’m closing the gap to that epic 5,000 gold in World of Warcraft that shall guarantee me the right to ride a flying mount capable of speeds in excess of 279% percent my normal running speed. They are true SR-71’s of Outland, and after being badly beat to the finish line by Brian’s wife, Kim, I’m more anxious than ever to prove that I don’t totally suck at earning fake money.

Ironically, however, it seems that real money is holding me back from my position as a flying ace. My WoW account runs out on the 7th of October. I’m still kicking my self for not having been able to save up the 5k over the summer, but pulling off a stunt like that would require me to live as a hermit in an Internet accessible cave high in the Andes Mountains above Chile.

I have a plan to reclaim my glory though. I’m going to re-open my status as a commissioned artist with a few tweaks to make dealings more streamlined.

Firstly, I will no longer be doing fully-photoshopped pictures unless someone requests so and has the means to pay fifteen dollars to me. I find myself excruciatingly slow in photoshop, especially when under pressure.

Secondly, The standard commission will cost eight dollars, and consist of a very finished looking pencil drawing of either the client as a cartoon character, or something that they request.

On a lesser note, thirdly, these commissions are NOT caricatures. They are drawings of people and/or things in a cartoon style of my own, not drastic accentuation of facial features. I’m not a guy working at a mall kiosk.

Of course, I’m not asking anyone who reads this if they’d like to commission me. You all already fall into my “Do things for free” list. However, encouragement would be psychosomatically helpful. ^^