I may lack the funds yet to purchase a copy of Wrath of the Lich King, but as far as fake gold goes, I’m coming to an end of my arduous march to 5000. As of tonight I sit on a hefty throne of 4618 gold, 3 silver, and 30 copper. Because of this, I see my lack of the expansion to be a blessing. I’d hate to soar through the Howling Ford on the back of my tired old ebony gryphon. I want to see these new lands astride a nether ray, or an armored gryphon of the golden variety. Of course, when I do this I’ll be flat broke most likely, hence the name of this post. This won’t bother me at all though, since I’ll obviously make it back through old dailies and new quests. Also, I’ll have to clear out my quest log. Right now it is chock-full of group quests that offer up to 24 gold a piece, but of course, who am I interacting with besides a level 68 Druid, a 65 Priest, and a 73 Paladin who’s always off raiding?

As far as getting Wrath goes, all I can do until I get a real job come next year is offer my commissions to you guys, and then take the one job from an obligated brother-in-law. Even that won’t get me there. Is there ANYTHING else I could do? I’ll take suggestions. I would like to obtain Wrath before the next expansion is announced.