Wordpress is awesome! … and horrible. Rival Rockets had been faithfully hosted by the PHP CMS behemoth on my hand-picked hosting provider’s shared Linux server since March 2008. Problem is, it’s overkill for my needs.

I had briefly dabbled in switching to Tumblr about a year ago (during what was apparently one of the worst series of outages and poor uptime in Tumblr history) seeing this, I promptly switched back to my trusy Wordpress install.

So what made me change back to Tumblr again? Well… I broke it. I broke my beloved 3 year old Wordpress install. A Small Orange had diligently let me know that I had used up more than 90% of my available storage, my folly was clicking the “update” button to install the latest (and presumably greatest) version of Wordpress. [Insert violent implosion sounds here].

So with a couple of my favorite posts recovered, I’m back. I’ve canceled my dedicated hosting and hope to see rivalrockets.com live on cheaply and usefully as a tumbelog.

Cheers and accolades! -Kit